Constant Battle

Why is it that
We do not know how we feel
We cannot articulate love
But we can go on expressing pain.
Its enormous
What you feel
Yet it comes down to feel specific
Which you’re afraid to admit.
Who are you hiding from
Is it your conscience which tells you to shut down
But can it stop that heart from beating?
Its a constant fight
Where your brain tells you to be in a shell
But your heart escapes the shell somehow to explore
Again, and again
Its a constant battle.
A battle between preconditioned notions
And unsprung emotions
To tell you how you feel
Yet you dissemble.


Its that moment

when you don’t know

are you blessed to be sharp-witted

or would you rather be dumb.

It’s never ‘just thinking’

its always leading to palpitating

it’s never anxiety

but an amalgamation of thoughts rolling.

Gets my hands tremulous

gets me dazed

gets me struck

glaring without a purpose.

One reflection

leading to introspection


and reconciliation.

It stops you from sleeping

you fear to be awake

the pieces never go away

they just wait for you to articulate.

It’s never ending

it’s always playing behind somewhere

hits you over and over again

until you give up- but on what

your intellect?